Reisende Bag

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Made to Order

This bag is available in 3 different sizes, from purse-sized all the way through a large bag perfect for your carry-on luggage! A buckle, purse hardware, and piping make this a snazzy bag, for added visual interest. You will be the envy of all your friends and family.

(There is one Black Handkerchief Pattern Bag (the one pictured above) available and ready to ship. Please order the small bag for this variation of the bag and choose Black Handkerchief, all other please choose Made to Order. I will work with you personally to choose the materials that best fit your style.


small 14” long x 9” tall x 4” deep (35.5cm long x 22.8cm tall x 10cm deep)
medium 17” long x 11” tall x 5” deep (43cm long x 28cm tall x 12.7cm deep)
large 19” long x 12” tall x 5” deep (48.25cm long x 30.5cm tall x 12.7cm deep)

Pattern design by Sara Lawson