Having the Right Handbag

Louise Ard

Having the Right Handbag

There is nothing like having the right handbag. Nothing says more about you or does more for you than a handbag that fits all your needs. The handbag is a statement piece that helps you dress the part and speaks for you. So let your handbag do the talking for you. 

Summer is Coming

Summer is coming and are you really wanting to go all out "Real House Wives" this summer. Louise is working on a sleek; street to chic bag that can work for any occasion.  Summertime shopping and lunch out with the girls to back yard barbecues. Watch for the revel in middle May.  


Sometimes a little simple is all you need to make through the day. Going out for an evening with friends and you just don't need to take everything you own along with you. Louise is designing a summertime line of small clutches that gives you the simplicity that your looking for while letting pair them up with just about any outfit.  Watch for the revel in middle May. 

Have Fun     

Louise has also in the design phase a collection of fun and unique bags.  Something to fit all personalities. This collection is scheduled to be completed by the end of may, so keep watch as they start to pop in. 


Customize a bag just for yourself.  Louise works directly with you to here just what your needs and wants are. Then along with your help she designs and makes your bag for you. 

Overall this summer promises to be a simple and fun.  Come and join us on our journey. 


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